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Car Paint Protection Film Installers for Your Vehicle

Isn’t is a shame when the hard work you put in to maintaining the sheen on your car is ruined within moments of leaving the driveway? Bird droppings, bugs, debris on the road, dirt, dust and rocks are just some of the things that chip away paint and can destroy the car exterior over time. However, with our expert car paint protection film installers including 3M paint protection film, you can prepare for the worst and be proud of your vehicle.

Our weathertechandLlumar window filmsare the superior choice for your vehicle. These urethane films are applied to the outside of new and used cars and here are 3 major reasons why you should get them in High Point, NC.

  1. Keep your car looking brand new: Feel like you own a brand-new car at a minimal cost by investing in paint protection films.
  2. The film is clear:Love the color and look of your car? You don’t have to compromise on it because these protective coverings are clear and only add a glisten and shine to the exterior.
  3. Retain resale value of your car:Not only will it bring you more joy to witness your car in all its beauty and glory, you can ask for a high price point when it looks as good as new. 

Wrap Basics

From minor partial wraps, whole vehicle wraps, basic cut vinyl lettering, signs, magnets, or decals we have you covered!


Pin stripes

Hand Painted Stripe $249.99

Custom painted stripe with our own patented tools - comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Basic Hand Painted Stripe Repair First panel price $95 additional panels $25

Usually completed in 15 to 20 minutes, expert color match and dry to drive

Paint Protection Film

Partial Hood, Fenders, and Mirrors (most cars) $350 - $475

Protect the front edges of your hood, fenders, and mirrors

Door Edge Guards, Door Cups (most cars) $75 - $85


Partial Hood Fenders, Mirrors and entire front bumper (most cars) $750 - $850

Save your front bumper from road rash while you protect the front edges of your hood, fenders, and mirrors

A Pillars (most cars) $75

Protect the paint at each side of your windshield. (most cars)

Full Hood (most cars) $650

Cover your entire hood with self-healing film

Rocker panel Protection (most cars) $279


Front Bumper, Full Hood, and full Fenders (most cars) $1,800

Cover the entire front of your vehicle with self-healing film!

Rear Bumper ledge protection (most cars) $85


Window Tint

Architectural Window tint commercial buildings and residential housing

Reduce the Heat in your establishment while protecting the Furniture and Fabric of your rooms at the same time cutting down on harmful UV rays that can contribute to skin disease.

Onsite free estimates gladly given for any structure

Automotive Window tint

Protect your skin and cars interior against the harmful rays of summer sun

Front two windows dyed film of most cars starting at $79

Front two windows ceramic film most cars starting at $149

Four door car with rear window (dyed film) Starting at $185 Wagon $225

Four door car with rear window (ceramic film) starting at $349 Wagon $449

Please call for pricing on Vans and other specialty vehicles

Window Perf (automotive and Architectural)

Get the benefits of advertising and sun block using window perf with graphics printed on the film. You can see out of the window, but the public will see a window with advertising graphics.

Graphic design and installation free estimates are freely given for our window perf applications.

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